*** Depending on your choice for your lashes look with our consultation based on the current state of natural lashes condition, we will choose various lashes diameter, curls, and lengths which bring the best look for you as well as your satisfaction
*** Must have 30% remaining extension lashes to book a Touch up appointment
Signature Natural $170 Full set / Touch up $100

Designed for Clients who want to achieve a natural look but still want to have a light fluffy lashes.

Volume $200 Full set / Touch up $130

Designed for Clients who want to have a full, dark texture for their eyes.

Extra Volume $230 Full set / Touch up $150

Designed for Clients who love experiencing the most fullness, dark texture for their eyes.

Skin Care

60 Minutes Classic Facial $100 

60 Minutes Classic Facial is a relaxing experience that includes customized products for your skin type and your current skin condition with deep cleanse, exfoliation, light extraction, and masking with the scalp, facial massage.
Best for: All Skin Type

80 Minutes Acnes Treatment $120 

Depending on your acne type and your acne lesions, a series of treatments may include deep cleanse, customized enzyme or professional peel exfoliation, extraction, high frequency, customized healing mask, and LED Photo Light Therapy.
Best for: Acnes / Congestion Skin

90 Minutes Customized Facial $150 

Your Choice of Skin Refreshment/ Brightening /Hydrating/Calming
Your choice of any of our Professional treatments: Skin Refreshment, Brightening, Hydrating, Calming. Ingredients and modalities are customized based on your choice, your skin type, and the current state of your skin condition. This Facial also comes with customized enzyme treatment or professional peel exfoliation, infusion of different high-quality targeting serums, and customized masks with the scalp, facial, and neck massage.

120 Minutes Facial Rejuvenation $180 

Facial Rejuvenation is a great experience to bring the smoothness, and glowing look to your skin with a special combination between our Face Lifting Massage and a series of customized ingredients, and rejuvenation modalities for your skin. This facial is designed for Clients who love experiencing the most relaxation with more time in our treatment room and wake up with a youthful, radiant look. Hands, arms, scalp, facial, and neck massages are also included in this Facial Rejuvenation.
Best for: Aging Skin, Normal to Dry Skin